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Who are we and who are you buying from?

Our names are Eda & Rio.

Hello, I’m Eda and I’m a Mexican/Italian/Costa Rican, first time mum, and married to a boy from East Gippsland. We live in Melbourne and even though Australia was never in our plans when we got pregnant in Indonesia, COVID hit the world and we were lucky enough to come…. and stay for almost two years now.

During this time I became a mother more than 20,000 miles away from my family, which has been incredibly tough and has also thought me so, so much.

I’ve read, studied and research like a madwoman; trying to learn everything motherhood related for my little rat (of course impossible). But happily, this brought me to the world of learning through play 🤍

Inspired by him, and finding it hard to get him high-quality affordable toys, I decided to open this tiny tiny toy shop. Especially for other mums like me who are trying to encourage their own little bubbas exploration, curiosity and development.

Together, Mr Rio & I run a tiny new Aussie business aimed at making available, high quality, non-toxic, and affordable toys for mums in Australia.

Pls, contact me with any questions or special requests. It’s me behind this business and every mail or purchase I get makes me do a little dance around my living room.

Mum and Rio

Happy Holidays!!

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